Acknowledgements, or Better Writers That I Rip Off.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” So says the adage. I don’t consider myself an artist, nor do I have the objectivity to differentiate good, great or other levels of quality in my work, so I acknowledge.

The following are what I’d declare the heavy influences on my views, opinions and writing style. I am a big fan of all that follow.

That Guy With The Glasses


The Nostalgia Critic
The Nostalgia Chick
The Cinema Snob
Todd In The Shadows
Film Brain (Bad Movie Beatdown)
Obscurus Lupa
But all the reviewers are good. Lindsay Ellis (The Nostalgia Chick) also has a blog, and there’s a link to it on the main page. Check it out, cos she’s a good muser.

I’d expect a plagiarism suit from these good people if I was even a blip on their radar. The format of nearly all my early reviews is directly copied from them, just to a much lesser degree of comedic appeal. The Cracked team have on countless times provided me with moments in a dead silent computer-lab, me trying to stifle cascades of laughter. They are truly hilarious.

Cinema de Merde

Review site run by Scott Telek who has a style I really admire. In depth and analytical, but still opinionated, and I just love the mantra of the site.

Roger Ebert

He is the Lord our Reviewer. May all other reviewers bow before him.

TV Tropes

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in textual analysis and is not familiar with this site is doing themselves the vastest of vast disservices.

Posters and Images

Unless otherwise noted, all movie posters come from IMP  In instances where a poster has not been sourced from that site, clicking the image will link you to its source.

All screenshots have been captured by me, unless otherwise stated.

If you find content on my blog you feel you have the rights to, please contact me at to discuss the matter.

Usage and Quoting

If, on the rare occasion, you find something on this blog you consider quotable or sharable, feel free to do so, provided that I’m credited accordingly. I’m more than OK with linking to content on the page, but reposting is a bit of a different kettle of fish. Send me an email to discuss (


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