A bit about the site

I’m opinionated, and while I have no qualms in expressing that, I’m aware it becomes a bit obnoxious after a while, so I’ve moved here instead of posting things to Facebook. Everything here comes from my white, Australian middle-class milieu. Just for perspective.

I’m lazy and hate rigorous research, but I also hate empty statements, so I try and get everything right before I say it.

Funny thing about opinions is that they’re personal, and they can’t be incorrect. Misguided, offensive, contentious – yes. Wrong – no. Feel free to disagree with me, but I respect diversity, so form your own opinions first.

And everything on here is my point of view. Please don’t misconstrue anything I say as representative of anyone else.

And lastly, spoilers abound on this blog. Read at your own risk, because it’s become a bit redundant for me to put spoiler warnings on everything I write.

Posters and Images

Unless otherwise noted, all movie posters come from IMP Awards.com  In instances where a poster has not been sourced from that site, clicking the image will link you to its source.

All screenshots have been captured by me, unless otherwise stated.

If you find content on my blog you feel you have the rights to, please contact me at critical.dave.au@gmail.com to discuss the matter.

Usage and Quoting

If, on the rare occasion, you find something on this blog you consider quotable or sharable, feel free to do so, provided that I’m credited accordingly. I’m more than OK with linking to content on the page, but reposting is a bit of a different kettle of fish. Send me an email to discuss (critical.dave.au@gmail.com)


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