Top 6 Crazy Songs


What constitutes a crazy song? I’m not sure. I just know that these songs are my favourites that I’d call crazy. Sure, there’s a lot more demented music out there, and there’ll be some pretty obvious exclusions, but once again, this is an opinionated list. Sure The Presets are pretty mild compared to some other bands out there, but given that I can’t quite define my criteria, let’s just call it gut instinct-craziness.


This was an iTunes bonus track if you bought Apocalypso and I only discovered it a few months back. I love the way it starts off slow, building from an awesome drum hook into an industrial soundscape that wouldn’t be out of place as the backing track to a lot of scenes from The Cell. It’s slow-burn crazy, but still makes me envisage twisted things as I groove along. I love the little tweaks and distortions, almost like little insects of funk snapping off from the main beats. A great track.


The Knife are definitely one of my favourite acts, and Silent Shout is a strong contender for my favourite album ever. Karin Dreijer Andersson has the voice of a one-winged angel, and it’s used to brilliant effect in every song she sings. Like a Pen starts off with a good hook of popping sounds, before it builds into a demented frenzy of paranoia. What is the song about? There’s a thousand interpretations; I personally think it’s centred on sexual frustration, and that’s enough to drive anyone crazy. I particularly love the payoff at the “I hold my breath and then count to three” point, at which the song becomes a downward spiral of insanity.


Right from the start, it’s freewheeling “DJ!” and accompanying siren, this song announces itself and makes a great presence. The speedy verses fit along perfectly with the demented chorus, and it’s one of the best songs to listen to when you’re driving with an open speed limit


Luke Jenner has made a marvellous career for himself, given how terrible his voice is. House of Jealous Lovers begins with a discordant screech of god-knows-what, and combining possibly the greatest usage of a cowbell in music history into a great punky, dancey groovefest. I can assure you that singing along with it in the moshpit at Falls will destroy your voice for the time period following. It also helps that The Rapture are possibly the best live show I’ve seen, and this song was the crowner of that show. But a kickass song nonetheless.


Infected Mushroom just kick ass. They’re so awesome. Or, depending on who you ask, they’re the worst thing to happen to hardstyle and psytrance ever. As it happens, they cross a few different genres, but I love ‘em, and Becoming Insane is just a killer track. I think it’s proven in how much you just don’t notice how ridiculous the vocals sound. That over-the-top accenting and oddly worded chorus go unnoticed cos you’re too busy being swept along by the awesonmness of the track. Say it with me now: Insane, Insane, Insane Insane, Insane – I’m becoming Insane…


This song make you feel like everything in your body runs backwards. I don’t think it gets much crazier than that. It’s 2 minutes of pure madness, and it’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Top 6 Crazy Songs

  1. Hey Dave; don’t know any of these songs though I do know two of the groups; you might enjoy my blog on Covers posted today

  2. Dear Dave, thank you very much! I am collecting a list of crazy songs for personal listening atm. Contrary to other search results I got from google, you did exactly what you said =) which is great. I found two songs from your page I like for my list, namely *Becoming insane* and *xxzxcuzx ME*.
    To give something back, in case you still like that hard to find crazy stuff once in a while, here is another one from my list. It is awesomely crazy if you understand the German lyrics, but even if not, it should be at least good.
    band: Grossstadtgeflüster. song: Sirenen
    Another song of them, would be only crazy enough in case you understand German, but then it is great: Weisse Kaninchen
    Have a nice holiday, and thx again!

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